Monday Sessions are weeklyexcept for April 1st & Victoria Day.

Visit our Registration Page to see when your selected workshop is offered.

Price is per person and covers the listed duration. Follow instructions on Register Now Tab, click on the applicable class to process payment and finalize registration, once only, in the TLOS Arbox Shop.

Attendance is managed outside of Arbox, session passes are effective for the block purchased and are not transferrable in ANY way. No refunds, no credits, all sales are final. Classes are cumulative, knowledge builds week to week.

Attend solo or with others, bring water and a change of shoes. Must change shoes at studio space.

TLOS Workshops: 

Bachata Beginner II by TLOS

Duration: 4 weeks on Mondays at 8:30p.m. from April 8th to 29th, 2024. 

Introduction to Bachata, builds on foundational knowledge from Bachata Beginner I and expands into new content. 

Pre-requisite: TLOS Bachata I or TLOS students at Salsa Developer or higher.

Bachata Developer Specialty Workshop by TLOS

Duration: 2 hours on Saturday April 20th @ 5p.m. Cost per Workshop per person: $35+HST. 

Pre-requisite: TLOS Bachata I and II Workshops or Bachata experience of 1 year or more. 

TLOS combines fundamentals, lead and follow principles footwork, turns, and incorporates elements of styling. The first part of the workshop (45 mins) will be dedicated to footwork and body movements allowing dancers to experience the various bachata forms. The second part features partner based combos to develop your own Bachata movements while having fun.

Bachata Beginner I by TLOS

Duration: 4 weeks TBD, Cost per Workshop per person: $70+HST.

Introduction to Bachata, includes basic footwork, timing and turns. Complete Beginner.

Body Movements for Followers by TLOS:

Duration: 4 weeks TBD, Cost per Workshop per person: $70+HST.

Ideal for followers who want to add an element of body movement and styling to complement their unique dance style applicable across different music genres. Emphasis to safety in execution when dancing solo or with a partner, proper core engagement, and overall mind body connection in relation to space. Open to all levels. Pre-requisite: Mastery of basic footwork and turns.