Salsa Programs:  

Cost $155.00 per person (for each program)

Arrive 5 minutes before class to change into clean indoor shoes, sneakers or dance shoes. Outdoor shoes not permitted.

Wear comfortable attire. Bring water. Attend solo or with a partner. 

Please do not attend class, if you are feeling unwell for any reason. Masking at your discretion is advised.

Current set of class ending on March 1st, hosted on Wednesdays for 8 weeks:

Salsa Beginners at 7 p.m:

Perfect for an absolute beginner, no dance experience. Introduces salsa fundamentals. Emphasis placed on footwork, timing, and connection. Partner dancing will be introduced. Pre-requisite: willingness to learn and have fun. No dance experienced needed.

Salsa Level 3, Session B, at 7 p.m:

Progressive Partner dancing. Second half of Level 3 to further enhance material covered in Part A, adds styling.

Salsa NightClub Dance Essentials, at 8 p.m: 

Emphasis on connection and musicality. More progressive and complex partner dancing will be introduced. Dancers are encouraged to build their own patterns, performance class for year end events.  Pre-requisite: TLOS Salsa 3 Part A & B or Strong (3 years) Salsa Dancing background.

Salsa Level 2, at 9 p.m: 

Emphasis placed on footwork, timing, connection and musicality.  More progressive Partner dancing will be introduced, dancers are encouraged to learn and build patterns. Requirements: Completed Beginner Salsa.

Plan for March 8th Block: 

Salsa Level 1 at 7pm, NigthClub Dance Essentials 8pm, Salsa Level 3 9pm.