Salsa Programs:  

Cost $155.00 per person (for each program)
Next Block Begins: Sept. 07-Oct. 26, 2022 (Classes are Progressive & Consecutive for 8 weeks)

Arrive 5 minutes before class to change into clean indoor shoes, sneakers or dance shoes. Outdoor shoes not permitted.

Wear comfortable attire. Bring water. Attend solo or with a partner. 

Please do not attend class, if you are feeling unwell for any reason.

Weekly on Wednesdays:

Salsa Level 2, at 7 p.m:

Enhances communication for leading and following connection, timing, musicality, and footwork. Builds shines confidence and adds styling/flair to the dance repertoire. Pre-requisite: TLOS Salsa Level 1, Part I & II (or evaluation via TLOS assessment). 

Salsa Level 3, Part I, at 7 p.m:

Progressive Partner dancing. Dancers are encouraged to practice varying forms outside class environment. Pre-requisite: TLOS Salsa Level 1 and 2 (or solid equivalent Salsa dance experience to be assessed by TLOS). 

Salsa NightClub Dance Essentials, at 8 p.m: 

Emphasis on connection and musicality. More progressive and complex partner dancing will be introduced. Dancers are encouraged to build their own patterns.  Pre-requisite: TLOS Salsa 3 Part I & II or Strong (3 years) Salsa Dancing background.

Salsa Beginner, at 9 p.m: 

Perfect for an absolute beginner, no dance experience. Introduces salsa fundamentals. Emphasis placed on footwork, timing, and connection. Partner dancing will be introduced. Pre-requisite: willingness to learn and have fun.